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Smiles after we tasted all nations

Hai friends, I hope everybody is enjoying the last few days of Halloween before the beauty of Christmas kicks in I know most of u know me but for those who don’t know me, I am Jasmine and I work as a nurse in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda. I came to this green emerald isle three years ago. I joined Hands4Unity to help my people back home and also for the people who accepted me into their culturally rich Irish community. As we all know the community is battling a deadly virus with no holidays, work from home, no weddings and no outings, making people dull and the artists rusty. So, the promoters came up with the idea of giving artists a platform to perform and reach out to people all over the world. With the modern touch of technology accessible to larger varied group of people, an event on Zoom was organised and live streamed on Facebook. Now let’s talk about the beautiful evening that happened on 26th Sept 2020. It was kickstarted by the Mayor of Drogheda, inaugurating a cultural amalgamation with a touch of modern technology. Performers partook in the event from various countries such as Ireland, Africa, India, Philippines, and many more. There were dance performances, songs were sung, instrumental music and it just kept flowing. All of this was available to the general public in the comfort of their own house. Adding a little bit spice to the experience, the administrators announced spot prizes to viewers that joined the event dressed up in their traditional authentic wear or those that showcased their cooking skills. Also, as a matter of surprise, all entrants who had volunteered to perform without any remuneration were gifted with a gift voucher by the facilitators which in return was described as a kind gesture by participants. The variety of performances kept the public glued to the screens. The program was not only watched by people in Ireland but all over the world. If you missed seeing them, don’t worry, the organisers' are going to publish this cherishable moments social media websites soon. To conclude, as we all know when cultures collide, people become more tolerable and interested in foreign ideas. During the last few decades variety in every aspect of life has been increasing, especially in the food industry. People are becoming more adventurous they are ready to try different tastes and spices this change in mindset aided towards the success of this multinational cultural cuisines called TASTE OF ALL NATIONS !!!! P.S. if u missed it this year, don’t worry! You can watch it next year as even Covid19 couldn’t stop it. Anyways, with love, Jasmine M.

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