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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


  • access to funding to support your individual community projects

  • benefiting from information sharing, support and expert advice through networking

  • getting fresh ideas on problem solving by exchanging information on challenges and experiences

  •  opportunities to attend social events with other community groups in Ireland and abroad

  • acting as community champions and role models in your area

  • details about  job opportunities in your community and access to valuable information

  • career advice and support from experienced coaches and mentors

  • your toughest questions answered by experts

  • involvement in helping to solve health problems and education issues in your community



  • gain access to our member's portal in which you can connect and share content with your fellow member's

  • you will receive a monthly newsletter in regards to upcoming projects and exclusive organization updates


  • post on our blog about your projects as well as pictures or your experience as a member for Hands 4 unity

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