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OUr vision

Hands 4 Unity is a membership association to celebrate, educate and empower women. We want to inspire women all over Ireland and throughout the world to reach their full potential no matter what their nationality, educational background or cultural differences. We believe a world where women are empowered will be a happier and more prosperous place to live for everybody.

OUR mission

We aim to bring women of all races together in one room to network together and support each other in an environment of care with no border, love with no divide and help with no differentiation.

We want women to feel empowered, to become change makers and leaders in their communities. We aspire to provide women, from all walks of life, with the basic life tools to reach their full potentials. We will equip them with resources, opportunities and a global platform that facilitates networking, learning and sharing of experiences.

OUR objective

  • supply job seekers with free CV clinics, mentoring and coaching sessions

  • provide access to online healthcare for women in less privileged communities

  • encourage members to tackle health and educational issues in their communities

  • deliver rehabilitation services to women in need 

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